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Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right Revisited (With Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and A Lot More)

As if the Beastie Boys hadn’t done enough, giving out a few songs this week, they have a 30 minute video coming out too. If it’s anything like this star-studded trailer, this is going to be awesome. http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/video/xi1ibu

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Beastie Boys – “Make Some Noise”

The first track from the eagerly awaited new Beastie Boys album, “Hot Sauce Committee, Part Two”, appeared online this week. Since MCA, a.k.a. Adam Yauch was diagnosed with cancer, the original plans to release “Hot Sauce Commitee” were scrapped, and postponed until now. The only change seems to be the addition of “Part Two” to the name. The album comes

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