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AUDIO: Sleigh Bells – “Champions Of Unrestricted Beauty”

Earlier this week, Sleigh Bells unveiled a new single, as well as the first glimpse of their upcoming fourth studio album. “Champions of Unrestricted Beauty” is, among other things, surprisingly clean by the band’s standards. Typically, Alexis Krauss’ vocals are somewhat drowned out by a plethora of huge guitars, and even bigger bass percussion. However, this time around, Krauss is

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New Sleigh Bells: “Comeback Kid” and “Born To Lose”

Sleigh Bells just released their second new song off of their new album, “Reign Of Terror”. The first, unbeknownst to me, was released in December. Both carry Sleigh Bells’ signature sound, though. Heavy guitars, mixed with relentless beats. All of this madness is covered up by Alexis Krauss’ innocently sweet voice over the top. Sleigh Bells definitely know how to

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