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From Distinct 808 Beats To Beautiful Meaningful Lyrics, Big Beano Has Got It All

Big Beano likes being mysterious with his musical sound. He blends his lyrical versatility and creativeness on 808 beats which set him apart from most artists. It gives him the raw edgy vibe, but he also makes some other beautiful songs that will leave most people surprised because they didn’t expect that music from him. The playlists he listens to

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AUDIO: The Cool Kids – “Computer School” & “Chop”

They’re Baaack. Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks recently announced that they were ending their hiatus on Twitter, and made that return official with the release of two new tracks, “Computer School” and “Chop”. It doesn’t sound like they missed a step either, with slick verses and 808 heavy production. Be on the look out for “Shark Week” when it drops

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