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Bug Moment, Anita Velveeta, Riotnine and Cream Vellum Halloween Show at Lilliput Records

Four bands were on the bill for an all-ages Halloween show at Lilliput Records on Sunday, mixing genres like skramz, shoegaze, hyperpop and alternative rock and packing the inside of the new record store. Alt-rock act Bug Moment has turned a lot of heads in the Milwaukee scene recently with shows at venues like Cactus Club and dropping their album

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AUDIO: Various Artists – “Oh SCOTUS, Up Yours!”

Milwaukee-based Vacancy Chain helped start a compilation with 13 other artists to make a timely and powerful statement in face of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade this year, blasted through fuzzed amps and damning lyrics. Each song is a metaphorical blow returned to institutions that have inflicted pain on women for centuries, whether it’s the courts,

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AUDIO: Nosferatu- “Society’s Bastard”

Austin-based Nosferatu’s latest album spits track after track of abrasive, pummeling punk tracks recorded at what sounds like 100 miles per hour. A total of 11 songs cover police brutality, education, borders and nationalism, and hurls lyrics like bricks at all of these topics through noisy, chaotic sound. This tape is for you if you’re a fan of older hardcore

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AUDIO: Gorilla Knifefight – “An Ode To The Gorilla / An Ode To The Knife”

Duck Earnhardt, also known as Matt Glassel, released a two-track cassette this month dripping with ransom note, stenciled DIY aesthetic and amp-busting riffs pulled from the American hardcore wave of the early ‘80’s. A single maxed-out guitar blares an air raid siren noise over a simple drum machine track while Glassel belts out lyrics about awaking something primal in yourself.

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AUDIO: Brave You – “Lifer”

“Lifer” by Brave You is full of powerful punk-infused rockers with vocalist Mary Sibilski and guitarist Alex Meylink trading verses about parties, memories, regret, youth and facing adulthood. Influences from bands like The Lawrence Arms and Dillinger Four bleed through as most songs are energetic, melodic and often introspective. “Dream On” is a song about holding onto youthful memories with

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