AUDIO: No Show Cadillac – “The Melodic Ramblin’s Of A Shithouse Rat”

If you want something straight out of left field, the self-proclaimed “dirty folk” stylings of Milwaukee’s No Show Cadillac is just that. The band’s latest album, “The Melodic Ramblin’s of a Shithouse Rat”, was just recently released, and has a decidedly gritty feel to it. With thirteen songs that feel more Louisiana bayou than Milwaukee city-scape, the project stands out in its own right on its sound alone. With some abstract percussion and instrumentation taking center stage, there’s a driving force behind frontman Connor Scaro and co.’s music, moving everywhere from Americana twang to trace elements of roots rock and blues. No Show Cadillac feel like they could make their home anywhere in Amercica’s heartland and fit right in, and this album demonstrates that. Check out “The Melodic Ramblin’s of a Shithouse Rat” below:

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