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Vonny Del Fresco – “Gone”

If you take the Weeknd, put it in a blender with Sango, and put Vonny del Fresco, you get “Gone”, the newest track from VDF. I’m a fan of everything that him and Dee Phr3sh! are doing at such a young age. It seems like there’s a lot of young talent jumping leaps and bounds with every track they release,

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Dee Phr3sh! & Vonny Del Fresco – “Sunwalking”

Never ones to dissapoint, Dee Phr3sh! & Vonny Del Fresco keep their momentum rolling from an impressive 2011 into “Sunwalking”, their first track of 2012. It almost seems like you could put on any beat, at any time, and these two could spaz out over it. That’s impressive to me. Experience how on point everything is with “Sunwalking”: http://soundcloud.com/thoseeurokids/dee-phr3sh-sunwalking-feat Share

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Euroclub Presents “On Our Way To St. Tropez” (Mixtape)

The Euroclub has been working on some big things lately. This kinda flew under my radar, but once I got a chance to listen to it, I was really amazed at how the different sounds on this mixtape all came together. There’s a lot of big name Milwaukee talent on here throughout the whole tape, and it all flows. Click

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Those Euro Kids (Vonny Del Fresco / Dee Phr3sh) – “Mighty Freezy” & “Balconies” (Videos)

Vonny Del Fresco and Dee Phr3sh just released two new videos within a real short time frame of one another. Since they’re both young Milwaukee artists, and they both work with one another frequently, and I have a lot of homework I should be doing, I put both of their videos together in one post. It’s hard to say which

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