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REVIEW: Atmosphere at Summerfest

“Thanks for looking at us. We love looking at you.” A line that uttered many times by Slug, the lead singer from Atmosphere. It was a reassuring statement as it was clear that the creator of the Rhymesayers label loved being there. Atmosphere’s show was packed full of unbreaking songs from their long list of songs over the past 20

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VIDEO: Cowboy Mouth Interview / “Mardi Gras By Moonlight” Live at the Northern Lights Theater

Last week, we had the honor of meeting up with Louisiana rockers Cowboy Mouth, in advance of their show at the Northern Lights Theater at Potowatomi Hotel and Casino. With over 25 years as a band, and 10 studio albums under their belts, the band had plenty to talk about with Patrick Carroll. Fred, John, Brian, and Matt were all

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