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Mid Coast Hosts Monthly Virtual Concert Series At The Cooperage

Mid Coast is a grassroots virtual concert and fundraiser hosted every month at The Cooperage, platforming a diverse array of up-and-coming artists while raising donations for local organizations. They hosted their third edition on Friday, highlighting vegan comfort food restaurant Maya Ophelia’s while featuring hip hop artist Duwayne, indie rockers Negative/Positive, R&B singer-songwriter Genesee, and rap rocker Petti Hendrix. “Honestly

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AUDIO: Negative/Positive – “Since Now and Also Since Before”

Indie rockers Negative/Positive have their second single out of the year. Kicking it into power pop mode, Ava Gessner gets out everything she has to say about feeling ignored by her love interest. She sees them at school and feels like nothing to them. It’s a teen anthem for those whole feel used and alienated. Negative/Positive have been on a

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AUDIO: Aggie Silver – “I Really Hope You Never Hear This Song”

Indie pop artist Aggie Silver, known for being in Negative/Positive, has a new single out. The song is about a girl she once thought she loved; Silver sings with conviction about wishing she felt the right way about this person, and she apologizes for not being able to. She’s sincere and confrontational about this profound conflict of interest. Sometimes things

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AUDIO: Negative/Positive – “How to Kill a Rock”

Young indie rockers Negative/Positive have a new single out. The song is an environmentalist anthem, speaking to the cyclical nature of how mankind destroys nature for profit, only to knock down developments for something even bigger. Yet there’s political clowns that have the audacity to deny that our planet is burning. The band feels existential dread by the idea, especially

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Freespace Potentially Changing Venues Soon

Freespace is a free monthly artist showcase that takes place on the last Wednesday of the month at Jazz Gallery in Riverwest. Curated by Sam Ahmed (WebsterX) and Kane Rulan, it has been going on since 2015 and is a solid opportunity for emerging artists to display their creative edge to a smaller and more intimate crowd. Janice Vogt hosts

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