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VIDEO: Deth – “Reflexions”

Milwaukee rapper Deth is all about differentiating himself from the pack. Recently, he’s been putting out videos close to one another, and in his latest visual for “Reflexions”, he decides to take things to the beach. What’s most impressive about Deth, at least so far, is that he is mainly a one-man show. On the latest single, he’s responsible for

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VIDEO: Deth – “Struck Down”

Amongst the plethora of new names to Milwaukee’s hip hop scene, one artist poised for a breakout within the year is Deth, AKA Deth the Chef. With a unique delivery, and a flavor for all things just a little bit out there, he manages to create a lane all to himself. In the latest offering from Deth, a video for

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AUDIO: Deth – “Double Vision”

The new generation of talent in Milwaukee are making their own lanes for themselves, and one of those new artists is Deth, who recently dropped his latest, “Double Vision”. Complete with a spacey instrumental, Deth does his thing on the track, bringing things together with his unique flow and delivery. There are elements of an EDM influence here, but this

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