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Allen at SXSW: Thursday Recap

Thursday at SXSW was, for me, predominately about hip hop. I started off way earlier than Wednesday, with my first stop being Crisp on 6th Street for a showcase. I saw a lot of new faces, including Alaskan rapper Baked Alaska, who rapped about climbing mountains and the trap… Grizzly Bear trap, that is. While I couldn’t necessarily relate, at

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Allen at SXSW: Wednesday Recap

Wednesday was a super long day for me. I stayed up 25 hours straight between my morning flights and a late party. More importantly, it was my first day at South By Southwest. This is my first time in Austin, so needless to say this is all a new experience for me. Most of Wednesday was spent at the MilwaukeeHome

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The Latest: Thank You!

Hey everybody, It’s been a while since last time I filled you in about the current Breaking and Entering happenings, so here goes nothing. First off, a huge thank you to anyone that frequently visits the blog for new music. January 2014 was far and away the busiest month for the site traffic-wise, tripling December 2013 and doubling our busiest

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