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Top Concerts in Milwaukee of 2016

I was lucky enough to have record year of concert going in my life time. Pretty much every concert I went to happened in Milwaukee. So, since this crazy year of music is wrapping up, I wanted to give you a taste of the top concerts I had a pleasure of witnessing this year. Here’s the countdown: 10.) TACOCAT AT

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Milwaukee Fell in Love with Ingrid Michaelson at The Pabst

The stage had huge panels with lyrics written all over it. They were filled with words scratched out and scribbled like it was a journal. Her name was written on the top of the panels. The instruments were all set. It was now just a waiting game for the audience. They sipped their wine and drank their beers, hoping soon

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Glass Animals impressed Milwaukee with their peanut butter vibes

L-shaped Tetris blocks hang from the ceiling. A disco ball sparkles in The Riverside Theater sky. Cacti placed around the stage. It is unclear what is about to take place, but the audience will soon see they are in for a treat. Glass Animals returned to Milwaukee for their “How to be a Human Being” tour centered around their latest album

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Lydia Loveless gives us the not-so- typical coffee shop show

A common question comes up for music lovers; Where would your dream concert be? Most say huge venues like Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall or Red Rocks. What they should say instead is a coffee shop, specifically Milwaukee’s Prospect Ave. Colectivo Coffee. This place is something everyone should take on at some point in their life, because seeing

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Review: Broods and the Strumbellas have new fans in Milwaukee

102.1 FM Milwaukee put on one of their many exposure shows to celebrate 10 years of being a station. These shows are meant to give new exposure to bands and help them gain a new fan base. This time around they had Broods and Strumbellas stopping by the Rave to share what they got in an intimate setting.   Broods

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