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AUDIO: SammyCin – “Better Days”

Hip hop artist SammyCin’s latest single finds him yearning for someone who understands him. He’s prone to feeling alone even when he’s around others and thinks about just flying away sometimes. But he keeps his head up and hopes that one day he’ll feel rightfully connected to the world around him – anyone who’s felt like an outlier before will

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AUDIO: Milk Solids – “It’s Still Rock n’ Roll EP”

Alternative rock act Milk Solids are out with a new EP. It’s five songs that incorporate elements of shoegaze, dream pop and post-punk, ending with the title track which spans over ten minutes. The music is bold and textural while the lyrics have an overall positive nature to them, touching on feeling alive and learning to be comfortable with passing

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AUDIO: The Vicuna 100 – “Taking Care of Business pt. 1 & 2”

Electronic project The Vicuna 100 just put a ton of music out on Bandcamp – here’s one such release. It’s two tracks of spacious, glossy soundscapes that send us into a hypnotic, meditative state – each nearly twenty minutes long. The first track incorporates some light techno while the second track favors brightly shining ambient. Be sure to check out

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AUDIO: Aliesa Nicole & JR Scalez – “Toxic Shyt”

Aliesa Nicole and JR Scalez teamed up for a new EP. Nicole sings heartfully and Scalez raps masterfully in a solid R&B-hip hop hybrid collaboration. It’s five tracks that explore the chemistry between two people, whether it’s through sex or romance. That said, the two are looking to prove one another, so Nicole and Scalez play the part of the

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