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Chris Ianuzzi’s Mastery of Sound

By Deuce The essence of music, particularly that which is recorded, revisited, and recapitulated every time it’s played in the form of a recording, was and always will be sound itself. The vast pastiche of sonic endowments to support the artistic endeavors of a particular tune, commercial, film score, etc., includes a range of qualities from ultra clean to grungy,

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Ajay Mathur is Embraced by Success

By Deuce You would never know it from looking at him now. No one would believe it if they listened to just about any of his singles, albums, or EPs. Ditto for the live performance thing. Actually, especially for the live performance thing. But, quiet is kept, there actually was a point in time in which Ajay Mathur couldn’t play

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Can’t Tell Me Nothing: The Memorable Life and Terrific Times of J’Moris

By Deuce The story that’s most revealing about J’Moris—as an artist, a man, and a grifter—took place well before he ever shot a single music video, dropped any of his assortment of singles, published even one of a handful of EPs (of which there’s at least 5), and released two albums (including February’s Moris Better: Loveless Confessions). Revelatory, perhaps, it

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