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AUDIO: Astronaut Husband – “Angel Jar”

Indie folk artist Astronaut Husband is out with a new record today. Over eleven tracks, Alec Grefe’s gentle and feathery voice sings themes of heaven and angels; in the midst of profound loneliness and despair, Grefe feels assured as long as there’s an angel flying near. He ponders what lies beyond the sky, relentlessly seeking spiritual meaning and contemplating existential

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AUDIO: Convert – “Saves”

Gothic rockers Convert are out with their highly anticipated debut album on Forge Again Records, Triple Eye Industries, and Dog & Pony Records. It’s eleven tracks of electrifying fortitude, encompassing elements of post-punk and electronic while tackling dark storytelling. With hell-raising riffs, fiery vocals, tenebrous atmosphere and sharp cohesion between the five members, Convert define themselves with grand stylistic presentation

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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Starting to Dream”

Experimental percussionist Mike Neumeyer released a new album. We’ve gotten to know Neumeyer pretty well over the last year with his many instrumental compositions utilizing marimba, bells and chimes, but he’s got more up his sleeve – Neumeyer sings here! This record is an exuberant, positive exercise in actualizing Neumeyer’s increasingly layered creative vision, inspired by his father’s recent passing.

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