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AUDIO: BVSMV – “Kodachrome Forests”

Dreamy synthwave project BVSMV’s latest EP is out on Triplicate Records. Embark on the scenic beauty of Bryan Kraft’s latest body of ethereal electronica. Valleys, mountains, forests and prisms are traversed with utmost awe. BVSMV has consistently put out wondrous tunes of hypnagogic quality, and “Kodachrome Forests” is the latest iteration of such.

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AUDIO: Restraint Malfunction – “Heat Magnet”

Experimental noise project Restraint Malfunction brought us a new track this week. Many of Restraint Malfunction’s pieces have a “fiery” quality to them, and this one exemplifies that in full force. Over twelve and a half minutes, a searing cut of devilish oblivion is explored. Get a feel for apocalyptic noise set ablaze with Restraint Malfunction’s “Heat Magnet.”

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AUDIO: Jon Mueller – “Afterlife Cartoons in the Buckland Museum”

Experimental percussionist Jon Mueller’s latest composition consists of several performances in one. Recorded in the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magic (Cleveland, OH), Mueller uses repetitive drum patterns whose rapid pulsing swells into choir-like phenomena encircling the entire room. It’s an ensnaring exercise from Jon Mueller and a welcome addition to his catalog of envelope-pushing rhythm.

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AUDIO: Dres – “Everyday Winning”

Trap rap artist Dres released a single this week and it’s pretty straightforward – dude is getting paid and he’s making the right plays. Bouncing back from the darkness, Dres pays no mind to the haters making up stories; they’re only after his money. With an irresistible trap flavor and playful demeanor, Dres once again brings the flashy flex hit

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AUDIO: Eric Ash – “All I Can See EP”

Indie folk artist Eric Ash follows up his beautifully positive song “All I Can See” with a titular EP. It continues similar sentiments of looking inward, having one another to lean on, and not being too hard on yourself. We’re all doing our best to navigate happiness and fulfillment while constantly swamped by hustle culture when really there’s so much

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AUDIO: Shadows Taller Than Souls – “Doom Punk EP”

Garage-psych rockers Shadows Taller Than Souls dropped an EP a few months back. There’s grooves, trippy imagery, and hellish riffage over three tracks. Encompassing themes of emptiness and doom, Shadows Taller Than Souls get swallowed whole running from underworld giants and treacherous desert storms with “Doom Punk EP.” Note the discombobulating coda of “Crystalline Perceptions” in particular. We hope to

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