Wibby White: Delving Deeper Into His Musical Talents, Wibby White Surprises Fans With A New R&B Drop

Wibby White is delving deeper into making his mark on music, writing, arranging, and co-producing his new track, Soo Alone. This track pleasantly surprises fans with its mid tempo R&B sound, deviating from White’s usual EDM pop songs. The relatable lyrics coupled with an infectious chorus creates a composition that fans across the globe can connect to, with this track centring on being in love with the idea of love, with many being blinded by the unreciprocated nature of their feelings. With White’s songwriting often being described as heartfelt and real, this artist is able to create meaningful and memorable pieces with the potential to cross over into the mainstream pop genre. The accompaniment of an entertaining music video allows fans to connect even more to this song and what White has to offer in the music industry. Receiving over a staggering 50,000 views in just one month, this music video was filmed and completed with the use of hired actors due to the current pandemic, demonstrating that the crisis has not hindered White’s passion and determination in his career.

Describing his sound as smooth, breezy, and soulful, it’s no surprise that White has drawn from multiple different influences to help him along in this field. Artists like Bruno Mars, Luther Vandross, and Sam Smith have inspired White in his musical journey, although he admits he would love to collaborate with a range of other artists such as Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, and Mary J Blige in the future. Currently listening to Black Disco Baby, Usher, and Stevie Wonder amongst others, White focuses on these stars’ biggest hits and admires the way these compositions have stood the test of time. Hoping to make his own mark in music this way, White continues to work tirelessly in this profession with more than enough material to one day create a fully established album.

With his songwriting taking place in multiple different destinations, inspiration can hit White in the studio as well as anywhere else. Having over a whopping 150 songs written in his journal, it’s clear to see that this artist is dedicated to his passion. With most of his songs being prearranged vocally, White welcomes collaboration with his long-time music producer, Dennis Nieves, whilst always knowing where he is journeying as a musical artist. Enjoying playing in nightclub venues and the Caribbean, fans can expect White to make increasing performances of his work in the years to come, with all updates being available to follow of White’s social media accounts. Learning something new every day in this growing industry, White continues to work hard to share his talents in this challenging field.

Listen to Soo Alone today on YouTube.


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