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AUDIO: Teddy Breihan – “The Bernie Symphony”

Classical composer Teddy Breihan is out with a symphony depicting the rise and fall of Bernie Sanders, who spoke to the American people with compassion about the brokenness of capitalism but ultimately could not spark revolutionary change in Washington on his own. Part One maintains hope and optimism, Part Two builds tension through a sense of fierce navigation (like Bernie

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AUDIO: A Warmer Language – “A Warmer Language EP”

Mystic pub rockers A Warmer Language released their debut EP today. It’s three songs – one of which we heard last week (“Plasticity”) – and they all take a theatrical approach to lyrics that conjure palpable scenery. “Melody” touches on themes of fate and destiny while “Into the Void” seems to be about embarking on a risky endeavor with someone.

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AUDIO: Billy Dreamer – “Already Dead/Living Rooms”

Punk rockers Billy Dreamer have a two-piece out to close 2021. It wasn’t long ago when they dropped “Fuck Snapple/BYOG” so clearly they’re on a roll. Rowdy and rambuctious, the band tackles depression and isolation with “Already Dead” while similarly jumping on the dead ends of one’s mind in “Living Rooms.” It’s a quick ass-kicking that dwells out of a

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AUDIO: Thriftones – “Lovin’ Man/Addict’s Lament”

Psychedelic-Americana rockers Thriftones dropped a two-piece to close the year. The first song “Lovin’ Man” is a jangly tune about fancying someone and wondering who’d be their lover if not you; the second song “Addict’s Lament” is self-explanatory and touches on the vicious cycle of coming down and getting high. With a melancholy atmosphere cloaking vocalist Matt Davies, “Addict’s Lament”

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