Torus: With A Light And Dynamic Sound, This Artist Strives Towards Making A Powerful Mark On Music Which Will Stick With Fans For Years To Come

Torus has taken many inspirations for his songs so far, although his latest track, Show Me Your Love, was inspired by love itself and how powerful it is as an emotion. This artist wanted to make this song one that would show off how love has the strength to create and make things better, even when they seem impossible. Apart from the music video accompanying this track, fans will also be able to connect to the meaningful lyrics placed within the song itself. The lyrics help to convey that all anyone needs for happiness is love, enabling fans to connect in the deepest of ways.

This artist has had a clear passion for music for some time now, cleverly constructing a smooth flow of songs with light and dynamic sound. The synths during the drop of Show Me Your Love are particularly powerful and bright, capturing originality and intrigue from the start. Furthermore, Torus describes the vocals of Robbie Rosen in this track as the cherry on top, really allowing a story to be told through the unique music.

Inspired by Martin Garrix and Tiesto, Torus admires both of these artists’ ability to tell a story simply through sound and production. It is, in fact, one of Torus’ dreams to collaborate with Martin Garrix in the future, with him listening to this inspiration since being 14 years old. Putting these influences aside, Torus is currently listening to KSHMR and Marnik, admiring the original vibe each of them presents and hoping that he can capture this originality in his own upcoming work.

With constant inspiration surrounding this artist, it’s no wonder that Torus is passionate about the songwriting and production processes. Needing music before creating his lyrics, Torus usually starts with a catchy melody and builds on from here with dynamic drums to create a dance beat. After arranging the song and beat, he sources the perfect vocalist to make a meaningful story out of his lyrics. Whilst all the instrumental is down to the talent of Torus himself, he is a strong believer in teamwork and welcomes strong vocalists as well as sound engineers to fully perfect the final track.

So, what can listeners expect to see from this fresh artist in the near future? With Torus constantly injecting hard work into his musical passion, fans can expect two singles to be coming soon! Stay tuned with new releases by following this artist’s social media, where Torus welcomes any constructive feedback as well as support.

Listen to Show Me Your Love today on Spotify.

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