Sean Grinsell: Striving To Expand His Songwriting Horizons

Sean Grinsell continues to strive forwards in music with his new song R is for Redemption, contributing to the field with a mix of styles and genres. With no words, the interpretation of the song is entirely up to the listener, creating intrigue and a personal musical journey for every individual fan. This personal experience is what connects many fans to Ginsell’s work, thinking back to their own life experiences just as Grinsell reflects on his own. Whilst this can give the EP a unique meaning, it speaks to people in deepened ways. Furthermore, showcasing many different genres in Grinsell’s talented range, this new EP has something for everyone.

Often using hard rock infused with organ, Grinsell’s music hits different, sometimes creating psychedelic and ethereal sounds and blending emotions with the occasional addition of electronic sound effects. Combining these unique aspects allows Grinsell to construct something that stands out in the music industry. It is, therefore, no surprise that this artist was inspired across many different genres, with Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin giving Grinsell great influence in music, producing songs that Grinsell still listens to currently. These two artists share a similar hard rock sound, meaning that Grinsell would love to collaborate with them in the future, although he also admits his desire to work with pop and EDM artists to allow him to flourish and branch out as a musician. Through listening to other music, Grinsell seeks to emulate more of the blues-rock sound into his own compositions.

Experiencing bursts of creativity in the early morning and late at night, Grinsell often takes advantage of these periods to work on his music. He approaches new songs with an idea in mind that he can build on. Frequently starting by concentrating on the drum and bass tracks first, this artist then shifts to guitars, keys, and other instruments before placing the melodic voice in to complete the track. Not believing that music is needed before the composition of the lyrics, Grinsell believes that the relationship between music and lyrics supports each other, meaning that lyrics can be an efficient guiding point in finalising the mood of the music.

Furthermore, having complete control over the production of his music, Grinsell strives to make his mark on music in his own way. This means that he takes pride in the song content, beats, chords, and melodies for each song on his new EP, although he does welcome collaboration with others when it comes to mastering music professionally, especially Anthony Gravino, who has helped Grinsell on this fresh EP.

With a full album of around 10 songs being treated to fans shortly, it’s clear that we can expect a lot more to come from Sean Grinsell. Enjoying performing in public places such as parties and restaurants so far, Grinsell hopes to strive further in getting himself heard in music as his one raw passion. Keep a lookout for Sean Grinsell on social media to stay tuned in to his releases and allow yourself to connect to him more as a person too!

Listen to R is for Redemption today on Spotify.

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