FM Profit: Spreading Messages That Anyone Can Relate To, This Artist Strives To Connect To His Fans Through Meaningful Lyrics

Artist FM Profit has impressed his fans with his latest track, Razor Blades, which aims to show people they are not alone in their struggles of numbing the pain of reality. Listeners can easily connect with the emotion of this fresh song, with the song bringing the concept to life that clubs, drugs, drinking, music, and other things can help numb the wounds of real-life struggles. The artist hopes to portray the idea that everyone has been through a moment like this and yet can move on from it, spreading inspiration in a way that could even heal some listeners and act as a source of comfort.

Not really having a specific sound or style, the boundaries are limitless for FM Profit when it comes to thinking of a fresh track. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this artist has various different influences, including Lil Wayne, JayZ, Kayne West, Trippie Redd, and Travis Scott amongst a long list of others. Whilst sometimes portraying an emo sound, FM Profit can easily jump to rockstar sounds and then to gangster vibes. Listening to a wide range of music has helped this artist engage with multiple different genres, with him currently listening to Tyler, the Creator, admiring the creativity that goes into making these pieces of music. Also listening to Travis Scott and Drake, FM Profit admits he would love to collaborate with these artists in the future, wanting to work alongside such talented and imaginative acts to further himself in the musical field.

Often, this artist creates music without an instrumental and tries to memorise it, with everything he creates coming from the heart as his one true passion. Doing everything from the recording to the mixing to the mastering, it’s clear to see that FM Profit is dedicated to furthering himself in the music industry as a unique and motivated artist. This can be specially seen from the making of his own album covers and videos too.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that this artist has already recently dropped his new EP, meaning he now has 4 collaborating EPs in his musical collection alongside another EP named Vlone. Fans can easily expect more music to come from FM Profit in the future, with music being what this artist lives for. With constant support from his fans being his fuel to move forwards in his career, FM Profit welcomes any listener to embrace his meaningful music and get to know him better on social media. Many fans have found themselves coming back for more after engaging with this artist!

Listen to Razor Blades today on Spotify.

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