‘Everyday’ By EYE-YO Will Motivate You To Seize And Make The Most Of Every Day

EYE-YO is an up-and-coming artist with a compelling sound. His songs are upbeat and rhythmic, with a positive message. He has tried to be experimental but chose to stay true to his sound as that is what helps him stand out among others. His music is influenced by Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, and KJ-52. They made him enjoy music with a meaningful message and substance, eventually leading him to join the music industry himself.

As the title suggests, “Everyday” by EYE-YO is about making every day count. It is a reminder for people to keep going, making sure they are living out their faith and glorifying Christ. It is very impactful and motivating. The song means a lot to him and the fans can relate to its relatability aspect.

“The song allowing me to get a chance to speak about my struggles in my journey is a reason why they can relate to it”, the artist said.

I do need music to create lyrics. It can inspiration to me to find certain things that can help with the song writing process. 

When writing lyrics, EYE-YO listens to the beat and the production to help him be creative. It can be an inspiration for him and allows him to find certain things that can help with the song writing process. 

The artist is also involved in the production of his music. It has been a great learning opportunity for him and he wants to continue to get better each time he releases new music. Each song he creates is a part of a story he’s telling so stay tuned for more stories in the future.

EYE-YO believes that there are a lot of talented artists out there that are absolutely incredible and amazing. He currently enjoys listening to NF. He saw NF perform live too and loved how genuine and real he truly is. He does not have a preference about who to collaborate with and would be down to work with anybody who wants to create something impactful and motivating.

We are living in a digital era now and social media is extremely important for the artist to connect with his fans. Their endless support means a lot to him and he really appreciates all his fans. 

Listen to ‘Everyday’ by EYE-YO on Spotify.



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