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AUDIO: X Harlow – “Cathars”

Industrial-emo post-punk artist X Harlow has a new album out on Sweat Equity. It’s a dense, abstract record that contemplates the persevering human spirit through calamitous landscapes. Some pieces serve as meditative interludes of gothic waves juxtaposed with medieval chants (“Lost in Her House”, “Metempsychosis”) while other tunes contain more of a pop structure, finding Schmidt lyrically ruminating on secluded

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AUDIO: Ben Harold & the Rising – “These Days”

Americana rockers Ben Harold & the Rising are out with their debut album today. It’s a painted picture of adult hardships and confrontations. Harold explores themes of powerlessness, cyclical heartbreak, escaping painful relationships, and departing from one’s former self among other difficult topics. He does so with brutal conviction that radiates across the room, to the point where you want

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AUDIO: Thomas Cole And Lizzie Allyn – “Fairy Tales”

‘Fairy Tales,’ a new electronic pop release from Thomas Cole, is out now. It’s a track that comes hot on the heels of his recent smash, ‘Cringe,’ and the New York vocalist charms like there’s no tomorrow once more. Thomas Cole teamed up with Lizzie Allyn to take his sound in a new direction. They have a particular musical style,

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VIDEO: Adam Giles Levy – “Last Of The Light” (Premiere)

‘Last Of The Light,’ Adam Giles Levy’s critically acclaimed 2018 release, has been given a magnificent fresh start, and Adam has shared the official lyric video for the enchanting gem today! Adam has recently joined UK label Hillside Global and has been given access to some of the best studios in the country, including Hybrid Sound Studio and The Priory.

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AUDIO: Valerie Lighthart – “Pt. II: The Witch”

Folk pop songstress Valerie Lighthart has the second part to her “By Moonlight” series out today. While “Pt I: The Goddess” carried a brightly shining aura with electronica elements, “The Witch” dwells within the shadowy underside of magical beauty, utilizing entirely acoustic instrumentation and slower tempos. Lighthart has spread her wings into the darker territories of imaginative storytelling, reveling in

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AUDIO: LoBi LoBianco – “Listless”

LoBi LoBianco is the solo “folkgaze” project from one of the members of Howard Grove. LoBi’s got his first single out and it’s a solid dose of fall melancholia. With carefully-layered instrumentation of woodsy textures, LoBi blooms lonely sentiment into friendly charm. He’s got a full-length record coming soon; stay tuned for more from LoBi LoBianco in the near future.

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