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AUDIO: Outage – “Head Up”

Bass producer Outage has a new track out with a rattling edge. Featuring a Venom-looking villian on the cover, the song builds into zaps of electronic excitement, like you’re using lightning-fast reflexes to evade said villian coming after you. Outage once again brings his unique brand of aggressive bass that requires even the most experienced headbangers to watch their head.

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AUDIO: The Vicuna 100 – “Yellow Vertigens”

Ambient drone project The Vicuna 100’s latest release envelops us in layers of golden hue. Sandwiched between two shorter cuts is the mammoth track “Soft Melon Boys” which flutters for over twenty minutes; you feel like you’re sleeping in a bed miles up in the sky as yellow clouds gently glide past. If you’re looking for something meditative and trance-inducing,

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AUDIO: Bicentennial Drug Lord – “BDL”

Indie pop band Bicentennial Drug Lord have a new record out. With six tracks, the band channels their knack for summer romance and humid adventure. There’s imagery of a couple coping with the increasing distance between one another (“The Traffic Outside”) as well as people getting drunk with others just to feel a little less alone (“Salt Off”). It’s a

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DJ Tweak Delivers A Crazy EDM Track With A Unique Sound That Will Keep You Hooked

Born in Aleppo, Syria and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, DJ Tweak began his career as a DJ at age 12 on a pair of Technics 1200’s. Over the past 20 years, Tweak has developed himself as a premier touring DJ, remixer and producer. With his energetic style, he has spun at thousands of shows and events in some of the

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Keem Veggies And Diego Money Team Up On ‘Buss Ya’ To Give You The Best Of Plug Music

Keem Veggies is an artist from Denver who makes underground music. The genre is called ‘plug’ and he’s one of the top creators in this new wave of plug music. His influences are Mexikodro, Stoopidxool and DJ Nick, the original plug producers.  These artists founded and created the sound for the newer plug artists.  However, recently when Keem Veggies and

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