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AUDIO: Peter J. Woods – “A Waste of Red Meat”

Harsh noise artist Peter J. Woods has a new album out today. With this 39-track-long experiment, Woods uses sonic combinations and fragmented samples to represent the breaking-down of objects, ideas, and experiences that culminate into the human experience. It’s intentionally not cohesive because that would be disingenuous with the irregularities of our conscious perceptions. While periods may feel unpleasant or

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Dummy Amade’s Summer Island Remix Of ‘Thumpunk’ Has A Unique Sound

Dummy Amade started as a character that Mark Biser made based on a pun about a dirty flick’s name involving Amadeus Mozart on 30 Rock. The character was made years ago to play the host for a show that he just got done filming recently. He was originally only going to make the soundtrack for the show, then focus on

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VIDEO: Mood Migration FT. Theykhem – “Stars Apart”

Electronic duo Mood Migration have the visual out for “Stars Apart” off their recent record “By Fire.” Shot by Jon Banach, the video features the boys out on the beach with fellow artist TheyKhem. They take a stroll, sing together, and observe the waves as the sun sets. It’s a summery scene from Mood Migration; we’re excited to hear more

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AUDIO: Space Whaler – “Limbic Shift”

Experimental-ambient artist Space Whaler has a new EP out. Themed around depression, this body of work makes use of distorted monologues and rain sounds and minimalist guitars. We truly feel draped in the cloak of despair with these incredibly melancholy soundscapes. “Abyss” contains lyrics about being locked in a cage while watching creatures fly freely, while “Reward” spans for over

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