Jamie Carol Gives Visions of “Lemonade” on New Single

By Deuce

If there’s one thing Jamie Carol is on his recently released single “Lemonade”, it’s cogent. No one can listen to this just under three minute tune and doubt his conviction, or sincerity, about the wonders of a “tall, ice cold glass of lemonade”.

Now granted, to espouse such a sentiment requires a little bit of humor, perhaps some tongue-in-cheek, droll lyrics to make the point hit home. But lyrical wizardry aside, it’s the vocalist’s delivery that’s most convincing and is a clear indication of his past as an opera singer.

He’s unusually big-voiced on this track—which isn’t solely attributed to the mix as is often the case in such instances. He can sing loud, long, and authoritatively, much more so than your average vocalist essaying a pop song can.

Perhaps that just so happens to be the point, because “Lemonade” lacks all pop pretensions and instead solidifies itself firmly in the trajectory of country and western (a genre that’s been known to include more than its fair share of vocal powerhouses). The violins are shrieking, somebody’s tickling those ivories, and even the guitars are rippling in various parts of the track.

But the bass line is almost as pronounced as the singer’s vocals and, when accompanied by what’s likely live drums at a romping mid-tempo pace, is sure to incite a listener or two out on the dance floor, especially in some proper sawdust on the floor, barn door aesthetic country saloon in which it’s easy to envision this number adorning jukeboxes.

But let’s get back to the lemonade. Evidently, on this ditty Carol’s got a line of credit good for at least 10 mugs full of the savory stuff. Moreover, if one listens close enough, one can discern that becoming engulfed in this elixir is evidently the formula for getting over some sweetheart (which can be easier said than done, given the circumstances).

But the way Carol’s belting out the chorus, the way the music soars around him when he does, its perfectly clear that he believes this libation can do just such the trick and, as previously noted, brave is the individual who would get in his way and dispute him while he’s in the vocal booth or onstage running through this number.  

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