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Listen To ‘Breaking Down’ by Chris Caulfield And Feel The Artist’s Emotion Behind The Lyrics

Chris Caulfield has been a musician for a long time, but when the pandemic hit, he invested in his own studio at home, and started building out a new project, following a rather difficult period in his life (pandemic aside). The artist’s new project blends elements of hip hop, alt and emo rock, and pop and focuses on introspective lyrics

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Listen To T.T.G A.E.R.O’s Catchy New Song ‘Too Toxic’

T.T.G A.E.R.O is an independent artist from Brooklyn who recently started his music career. The music industry is nothing new to him because his older brother, Abillyon, is from GS9. The artist believes that his amazing music will soon be discovered and he is just a lost diamond waiting to be found.  The artist’s newest song ‘Too Toxic’ comes with

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‘Rockstar’ by Papcy TheDon Will Be Released On June 11th, Don’t Miss It!

‘Rockstar’ by Papcy TheDon is simply a reality check, as the artist says. ‘There was a time I was in the streets, hustling to survive, and also making music. But God smiled on me and my story changed. Now I can make my music at ease, I’m no longer referred to as a local artiste, I’m an international and heavenly

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VIDEO: Detraction – “Progression”

Experimental electronic artist Detraction has a new video out from his recent album “As Above/So Below.” It begins with a slow-motion shot of a snow shower on a busy Milwaukee street, eventually switching to a rain shot filmed in reverse. In the second half, close-ups of the puddles flowing down the curbs reflect a fascination by perpetual motion of matter.

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AUDIO: Supertentacles – “No Creature Left Behind”

Indie pop artist Supertentacles released the first single from his upcoming new record. It’s a sweet, breezy tune about slowing down from the hustle-and-bustle to connect with your true self. Time is merely a social construct; we’re meant to be in touch with the present moment and listen to our hearts. Stay tuned for more to come from Supertentacles very

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AUDIO: Dashcam – “Hypnotic (FT. Clear Pioneer)”

Synthpop artist Dashcam has the first single out from his forthcoming collaborative concept album. Teaming up with fellow synth wizards Clear Pioneer, it’s a song about walking on a dream with someone to the point where you experience impostor syndrome. Like, you had no idea you could feel this much joy. Stay tuned for the record “Sundown on Volcano Beach”

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