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Wisconsin Music Ventures Founder Allison Emm Keeps Local Music Alive Through Quarantine

We miss live music a lot, obviously. Many local artists have done virtual shows in empty venues, live streams from home, or limited-capacity events to fill the time. Especially for those whose livelihood depends on it, the past year has been rough. Wisconsin Music Ventures, however, has been saving the day. Founder Allison Emm explains what it is that they

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AUDIO: Trapper Schoepp – “Yellow Moon”

Americana singer-songwriter Trapper Schoepp is out with the second single from his upcoming record. It’s a moon tune! Schoepp sings about basking in the loneliness in the sea of emotion, feeling a taste of freedom unlike anything he’s felt before. The moon is all that guides him anywhere; the atmospheric slide guitar feels like the beckon from the glowing sphere

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VIDEO: Caley Conway – “Path of the Sun”

Singer-songwriter Caley Conway is out today with the second single from her upcoming EP “Bliss or Bust.” It’s a downtempo folk pop song comparing love to sunlight. She stands with her tongue out, hoping to take in raindrops from the sun’s warmth. The video features Conway against a tapestry punctured with holes, making shadows with her hands. Other shots show

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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Blue Electric”

Composer and percussionist Mike Neumeyer’s latest edition of his color-centered marimba series focuses on blue. Neumeyer thought of a Crayola marker called “Electric Blue” and just like that the piece became a reflection of the past. His mallet work is busy and shuffling, like all the memories pouring in at once. It’s a blissful blast of nostalgia from Mike Neumeyer,

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‘Goodie Goodē’ by Tiffany Goode Takes You On a Beautiful Sonic Exploration That Fuses Jazz, Reggae, Hip-Hop and R&B

Tiffany Goode is a trumpetist born in Richmond, Virginia and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her love affair with music and the trumpet at 10 years old. She received a Bachelors of Science in Music Engineering Technology from Hampton University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Ethnomusicology from Liberty University. Tiffany has been featured in Rolling Out

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Natalie Carr Sings About Past Mistakes in Her Song ‘Fate’

Natalie Carr is a singer/songwriter from Stamford, CT, who is currently based out of Charlotte, NC. Carr got her start learning to play piano and guitar at a young age and turned to writing her own lyrics as she grew up. Since 2019, Carr has been releasing singles in the Pop/R&B lane and takes influence from crossovers artists such as

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