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Listen to DonnieSTR’s Catchy New Song ‘1st CONTACT’

‘1st CONTACT’ by DonnieSTR is the artist’s newest single. When asked what the song is about, the artist says, ‘When you step inside a new venue, new scenery, and you are the ‘flyest’, the highest and the most ‘vibey’ person there. I think my fans will connect to this song because of the sheer vulnerability of the track. Everybody can

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‘Neverever’ by Dummy Amade Is a Modern Take on The Silk Road That Might Give You Some Historical Knowledge

‘Neverever’ by Dummy Amade is the opener to the artist’s May project about the excesses of Caesar and ultimately the fall of the roman empire. The artist says, ‘My name is Mark but I was born in Italy so I made this song about Marco Polo going on a thirst pilgrimage. All the samples are from the early to mid

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AUDIO: Young Deuces – “All I Ever Wanted Was An Opportunity”

Hip hop artist Young Deuces dropped a new album today. Over eleven tracks Deuces gets political, honest, and unapologetic. He raps about the socioeconomic issues that have plagued his friends and family, from poverty to racism to drugs to confrontations with the police. Hard times can make it difficult to trust people, and he confronts this distrust as a means

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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “Played Yourself”

Pop/R&B artist Grace Weber has another single out from her forthcoming debut full-length album. She tells an ex-lover with this one that they’re a fool for doing her wrong. Weber is doing just fine by herself, and although this person runs around pretending that they’re someone they’re not, she wishes them the best. It’s a song about reclaiming yourself from

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AUDIO: Kingdumb – “JDM”


Swindon-based rapper and songwriter, Kingdumb arrives fresher than a Wrigley’s extra with his new release ‘JDM’. It is a track that paves the path for future British hip hop with an unorthodox vision. It starts with a pan-pipe lead that takes the listener far from the modern world’s craziness and into a peaceful realm. Eastern sounds influence the entire track,

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