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AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “Paradise”

Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen is a composer who plucks at the heartstrings with every release she drops, and there is no exception here with her new piece, ‘Paradise’. Relatively short in length, the track still provides a lot of serenity, and it instantly serenades the senses with a soundscape that matches the current season. Furthermore, the musical arrangement blossoms like a spring

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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “Thru the Fire (Feat. Chance the Rapper)”

R&B artist Grace Weber worked with Chance the Rapper on her latest single. It’s a song about resilience against all odds; Weber sings of “waiting through the fire” and “using it as fuel” as metaphors for keeping a good head on her shoulders. Chance comes in with a verse about getting picked for things last when he was younger, but

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AUDIO: Rx Drugs – “Broken by Design”

Indie rockers Rx Drugs are out with a new EP, following up their 2016 debut record “Future Friction.” Welcoming us with a gorgeous mountain-road cover art, this body of work has an underlying theme of feeling you’re stuck in life’s freefall. The band’s distinctly atmospheric, humid folk rock sound is sharp and polished; “Under the Overpass” puts us right on

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Nostalgia-soaked lyrics in ‘Number 4’ by Nouhi’s Nomad

Nouhi’s Nomad is an Iranian-American multi-instrumentalist genre-fluid creator based in New York City. Persian music and contemporary rock go well in addition to his background in classical music, therefore all three styles are shining through within his Persian percussion, hypnotic and unique melodies, as well as stripped-down guitar backings. ‘Number 4’ is the fourth track of Nomad’s debut LP. The

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‘Sonder’ by Vin: an Introspective Song About What Matters in Life

Maryland-born Vin is a hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter set to make an impact. The talented musician is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound, style, and message. Through his powerful lyricism, Vin aims to help listeners feel a sense of comfort and know they are not alone.  Vin’s new song ‘Sonder’ is the realization that each

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WhoExotic’s ‘Don’t Runaway’ Is About Heartbreak and Going Back into A Relationship

WhoExotic is an up-and-coming artist from New York. His music goes into different genres and styles that his sound can fit into anybody’s music taste. He may be an underground artist, but he knows what he’s doing. He tries to make his music sound as different as possible to rise above others. Some of his biggest musical influences include The

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