AUDIO: Shroud of Despondency – “Goodnight, My Kitten”

Black metal project Shroud of Despondency take a neofolk direction with their latest record. Rory Heikkila describes these pieces as death songs about love which he’d written at various points in the last decade. As such, the lyrics touch on the hardships of terminal illness, burials, urns, and pained memories. While each song has its own potency, “My Baby Boy” is definitely one of the standouts, detailing a boy’s trauma of losing his mother becoming the root of his coldness as an adult. The title of the album is the last thing Ernest Hemingway said to his wife before committing suicide. It’s a viscerally compelling record about the ugliness of loss. Shroud of Despondency have more music in this territory coming, and whether or not it’s a permanent stylistic change, we’re here for it.

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