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AUDIO: Odd Person – “Midiworks”

Odd Person, one of several of August Traeger’s experimental projects, has a new EP out on Poverty Electronics. Carving a path through intelligent dance music, harsh noise and techno, Traeger explained on Bandcamp that the sounds here were created by feeding corrupt MIDI data to VST synths. There’s visuals attached to each track as well. This is some true computer

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AUDIO: Freya Alley – “Big Wild World”

Heaven is on earth, proof? Listen to Freya Alley’s latest release, ‘Big Wild World’. The Lithuanian born singer hypnotises here with a stunning performance which is impossible not to relish. Now residing in London, Freya pushes into the underground of dark pop with an ambient flavour which charms from the first second. ‘Big Wild World’ opens with a multifaceted piano

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AUDIO: Thomas Atlas – “Got This Feeling”

Thomas Atlas

Stunning with an instant funky charm, ‘Got This Feeling’ by Thomas Atlas is as potent as upbeat tracks come, it is awe-inspiring! Born in Birmingham in the mid-90s, Thomas grew up listening to some of the worlds finest blues and funk tracks and his early listening experience has taken a toll on his musical style. He brings a nostalgic feel

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Dr. Jekyll’s ‘Truth’ Expresses Hope and Perseverance for Artistic Creatives

A Los Angeles-based music producer and songwriter, Dr. Jekyll is known for his versatile bandwidth and unconventional production. His music isn’t conformed to one genre. Dr. Jekyll chooses to break the mold by musically blending sounds and cultures he has been exposed to. Some of his musical influences are Dr. Luke, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, Soulive, and Tool, to name a

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