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VIDEO: J.D. “The Chief” FT. Mista Marcus – “Psycho”

J.D. “The Chief” and Mista Marcus teamed up recently to explore an abandoned warehouse on Milwaukee’s South Side…and they made a music video out of it! The pair introduce the first edition of “High and Haunted” and mention that there’s been murders in this place as they smoke a blunt. Once they enter, things immediately take a turn for the

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AUDIO: Adapt or Die FT. Twin Bad-News – “Lock ’em Up”

Solo rock project Adapt or Die has one more single out before the end of the year, and this time he’s playing with Twin Bad-News. This tune is about holding corrupt politicians and incompetent police officers accountable. Opening with a Martin Luther King speech, it jumps head-first into a rap rock jam where Bad-News shares his personal feelings about these

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