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AUDIO: L’Resorts – “Sad Happens”

L’Resorts have a new record out for their annual holiday fundraiser, and it’s a kids album. They sing about making friends, eating vegetables, dreaming and hydrating in their signature Americana-pop-folk sound. It’s a sweet, syrupy collection of light-hearted ditties sure to crack some smirks. They’re raising money for Pathfinders, who provide resources for homeless and housing-insecure youth. We hope listeners

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AUDIO: Xposed 4heads – “Dance with the Krampus”

New wave rockers Xposed 4heads’ latest tune is about the half-goat, half-demon Krampus of German folklore. He comes out every Christmas to punish all the bad children while Santa rewards the good ones. It’s a silly upbeat jam that people of all ages may get down with. Beware – Krampus might come eat you if you don’t behave! Share this

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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Marimba Maverick”

Classical artist Mike Neumeyer has a new record out. He’s entirely by himself on the marimba, a percussion instrument similar to the xylophone. With each track, Neumeyer conveys variably cheerful and bright emotions through his shining compositions. Each one is named for what feeling or imagery Neumeyer goes for; “Lost in Thought” for example pauses with introspections like attempts to

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VIDEO: Oliver Low – “21 Days”

Singer-songwriter Oliver Low’s recent single “21 Days” has his debut music video out this week. Directed by Krystal Thibault, Low is shown singing his heart out while in the cold wilderness, strumming his guitar. He then sits down at a piano adorned with candles as it gets progressively darker. The video climaxes when a bonfire appears in front of him

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