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AUDIO: Aggie Silver – “I (O)was Better With You”

Aggie Silver is a young bedroom pop artist who appeared on the map this summer with her debut single. She made it in a music production course; she sings of having uncertainty in life but someone or something is making her feel okay. It’s got a syrupy electronic melody as Silver’s vocals soar with angelic gentleness. There’s samples of laughter,

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AUDIO: Slamhaus – “Seventeen (feat. Tommy Walton)”

Trip hop artist Slamhaus teamed up with rapper Tommy Walton for a new single. Over a blurry, dreamy beat Walton raps about being in a better place than he’s ever been. He’s not quite sure what direction he’s going on but he’s optimistic and excited about where he ends up. It’s a feel-good track about always trusting your plan. We

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