Shihori Takes You There on Videos for “Soul Trip”, “Perfect Imperfection”

By Deuce

The video for Shihori’s latest single, “Perfect Imperfection”, is big. There’s gapingly big piano chords at the base of the track, operating as the foundation upon which everything else, from the synths to the percussion, is centered.

Then there’s Shihori’s vocals, which are equally big. She comes in loud and largely remains that way, singing voraciously for the duration of the three minute opus.

The bassline, however, is likely the biggest element on this one, and delightfully so. It’s so deep and profound it must be a sub bass, punctuating the turning of passages from verse to hook to breakdown, and back again. Trust, this one is sure to rumble in headphones and woofers alike.

But you also can’t forget the largeness of the drums, which remain intermittent for most of this affair before rearing to the foreground during the refrain. Remember that ‘we will, we will, rock you’ snare?  Someone (the producer conceivably) has updated that sound and snatched its attendant drum pattern for half a bar to lift this tune wonderfully vertical during the hook. Plus, you’ve got Shihori doubling up on her vocals, harmonizing with herself, simply enlarging the size of the song at a moment’s notice.

Nonetheless, this tune’s likely most noticeable for its overall dearth of rhythm section, which leaves the chords wide open for Shihori’s chops. Granted, there’s a buildup of sorts with the good ol’ four on the floor drumbeat amping its way to one of the choruses. But for the most part the drums are in and out, culminating, perhaps, in some heartfelt ‘whoas’ to the melody of the hook near the climax.

“Soul Trip” and its attendant video is much more of a conventional ballad. There’s a nice stutter stepping of the kick leading into a heavily effected snare for the duration of the tune. It’s almost as though the vocalist were deciding which way to go, perhaps considering any number of directions at once. But she lays it down on the hook, in which the vocal production is particularly efficacious. With a scattering of voices going in and out, it’ll almost make you want to sing along in time as she discusses the need to “go on a trip”.

Just listening to this cut is likely to take you on one–naturally, that is–which is a considerable accomplishment during these times.

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