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AUDIO: Conundrum – “Is As, There Was”

Prog-psych rockers Conundrum are out with their long-awaited sophomore EP. Beginning with a vibrant and ambient soundscape, the first track features space-like vocals that bring us into an intergalactic daydream. The second track, featuring Mike Neumeyer on vibraphone, is shorter but brings more complex and jazzy instrumentation. The third track had been the EP’s lead single and is a satire

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AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “Beauty Inside And Out”

Julia Thomsen

London has produced some of the most beautiful music composers the world has witnessed. But, we have a new name rising to the occasion with an infectious songwriting quality which will leave you itching for more. Furthermore, Scottish born ‘Julia Thomsen’ who now lives in London, is flying the flag for modern music composers and her take on music is

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AUDIO: C-Yonko – “No More Excuses”

Hip hop artist C-Yonko is out with a new album. Featuring a heavy trap influence, the rapper delivers the catchy hooks and no-nonsense demeanor that makes these songs perfect for a party environment. It’s shadowy feel-good music where C-Yonko raps about attaining financial success, chasing dreams, and hitting off with a girl. The final track is a chopped and screwed

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Chronicle’s “Sorbet” Will Show You The Beauty In The Darkness

Chicago-raised rapper/singer Chronicle started writing and producing songs in high school but soon diverted his attention to a career in TV and Film. As a man of commitment, this even included dropping out during his first semester at Harold Washington college to completely refocus his efforts. Since then, Chronicle has ventured back into music with the release of two EPs:

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AUDIO: Flowers4ever – “Fluffy”

Hip hop artist Flowers4ever is out with her debut album. She comes out right off the bat with unapologetic attitude, culminating into a walkthrough of Flowers’ experience living as a trans woman. Features here include Bisca Rae, Neely, Bdwthr, and Jesse Vile of punk band Ballstomper. She shares rightful anger about constant erasure with songs such as “Dead Name” and

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