Pax Japonica Groove New Frontliner Of House Genre Launches New Album Wired Future

One of the first names that rings a bell when we think about the deep house is Pax Japonica Groove. Happily for all house and EDM fans, the project recently dropped a brand new LP called Wired Future, a futuristic fantasy of electronic music.

Pax Japonica Groove, the new frontliner of house genre, collected a new album with 12 tracks that is vivid, enjoyable, and has ear-candy beats accompanied by mellow and tender female vocals. Among new tracks, Pax included previously launched goldies like “Untouchable,” and “Feel Me.”

Our favorite track from Wired Future and pure definition of EDM is “Stay True.” With its brimming instrumental, suave vocals that are perfectly fitting to the appealing and minimal structure, “Stay True” might be the most polished production from Pax Japonica Groove.

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