AUDIO: The Belle Weather – “Don’t Let Your Blood Run Still”

The work of The Belle Weather is the purest form of honest Americana, and that is conveyed strongly in their new album, “Don’t Let Your Blood Run Still”. The project is fourteen songs, many that have been road-tested in the band’s numerous shows throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. However, vocalist Eric Cox delivers a poignant, honest performance on this record that only is amplified by the backing string section. With the combination of Marisa Rose Sheppard on violin, Thea Vorass on cello, and upright bassist Tom Abromatis, the atmosphere is well-established for this album. A fall release is fitting, as you get the feel of a field on a cold, windy day at a golden hour hearing these songs. It’s an incredibly strong album for the right setting, and if you’re a fan of Americana, one you need to listen to. Check out “Don’t Let Your Blood Run Still” below:

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