AUDIO: SHAAM – “Casper”

The story behind Milwaukee artist SHAAM’s new EP, and really his rap career, is a compelling one. The 20-year-old’s roots are in hardcore punk rock, but he was also raised on Wu-Tang Clan and East Coast hip hop in the early 2000s. After losing a father to cancer and an uncle to an overdose, he made his way by dealing drugs, all the while apathetic to what happened to him. He recorded hip hop tracks, including collaborations with Nams and CREEPTHE7, without the intention of ever releasing them. He finally felt comfortable to put out a project though, which is now his debut EP. The name “Casper” comes from feeling like a ghost while dealing, being present but not truly present at the same time. You can hear SHAAM’s punk roots in his unorthodox delivery, but in five tracks, you get to hear his story brought to life. It’s an interesting approach, and we’ll see what comes next from it soon. Check out “Casper” below:

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