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AUDIO: Nate Brady – “Isolated”

Nate Brady first popped onto our radar in one of the least appealing ways possible; an Instagram DM (no offense, Nate.). Nine times out of ten, when we get the Instagram DM with a link, we’re not that tempted to click on it. When we do, it usually isn’t pretty. However, in the case of Nate Brady’s latest, “Isolated”, we

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AUDIO: Lah-Kid – “Sharp Shooter”

Someone ring the bell, Lah-Kid is back, and has a whole Royal Rumble’s worth of wordplay on his new track, “Sharp Shooter”. Armed with some smooth production from Derelle Rideout, Lah-Kid brings his trademark grit to the track, and honestly drops enough solid bars in the first verse to not need a second. Then comes an onslaught of WWE name

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