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AUDIO: Wave Chappelle – “Work”

You know that car blasting music down your block? If they aren’t blasting Wave Chappelle’s latest track, “Work”, they need to be doing that. Be a nice neighbor and introduce them to the track, okay? Wave is back with a certified banger produced by Milwaukee’s Maajei Vu. This was made to shake trunks, and it definitely does. Don’t make Wave

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AUDIO: Bandman – “Steve Austin”

One of the names emerging out of Milwaukee’s north side is Bandman, and he continues to do so with his latest,  “Steve Austin”. With an energetic beat, the track is all sorts of hype. This isn’t the sound that necessarily needs to be complimented by an overly lyrical flow, but Bandman works off the beat well. Bounce along to “Steve

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VIDEO: Tedy Andreas – “Mercedes”

Fresh faces in mainstream hip hop are sometimes hard to come by; for every one new name, there’s ten million that never get to that level. However, in the case of Tedy Andreas, there’s definitely the potential to take things to the mainstream level and make a significant impact, as evidenced by the video for his single, “Mercedes”. With a

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AUDIO: Blizz McFly Featuring Klassik and Vincent VanGREAT – “Bang Bang”

Lord help ’em. They aren’t ready for this one. SAFS Crew has evolved into a collective of seasoned veteran emcees, all of which are incredibly talented. This stacked roster of artists can combine at any time to make something awesome, case in point being Blizz McFly’s “Bang Bang”. With production and additional vocals from Vincent VanGREAT, as well as a

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