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REVIEW: Saint Motel at Summerfest, 6/28/15

Many times, bands with one of the breakout songs of the summer don’t necessarily amount to a great live show. After the success of a single, the EPs and albums that follow tend to be rush jobs, revolving around that radio-friendly hit, and subsequently that less than stellar material becomes the filler building up to the band playing their hit

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Allen’s Mixtape: 6/27/2015

In the madness that is Summerfest, I still had time to put together a mixtape for this week. Now, granted, the lineup may have influenced my picks, as evidenced by the presence of Schoolboy Q and Something Corporate (you know, that band Andrew McMahon fronted once). However, there’s a ton of pop punk from my early teenage years there, too.

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REVIEW: Bastille at Summerfest, 6/24/2015

Coming off of an extraordinary run throughout the past two years, Bastille took their set to the Miller Lite Oasis for the opening night of Summerfest, where they unfortunately became victims of circumstance. For whatever reason, the festival’s opening night doesn’t always seem to be the ideal slot for headliners, as I fondly remember from last year’s energy-depraved Arctic Monkeys

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