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Allen’s Mixtape : 5/30/2015

This week was a weird one for me, so naturally, this week’s playlist is a little weird, too. There’s the kinda-creepy original version of Tom’s Diner, and Rod Stewart’s “Sailing” makes an appearance, after being stuck in my head on Thursday morning. There’s also some pop punk angst in there, with Alkaline Trio and Taking Back Sunday. And then we

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Allen’s Mixtape: 5/23/15

I didn’t forget about you guys this long Memorial Day weekend. However, it’s a bit of a shorter playlist this time around. Mainly because these songs stayed in my head for multiple days this week. I’d be more than stoked if you play this at your barbeques this weekend, so if you do, let me know! Enjoy the mix!

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AUDIO: Mashio – “Free Crack” (Premiere)

Milwaukee emcee Mashio is probably best known for his work with producer/emcee Dahm, but the duo have set out to release their own separate projects as well, as an addition to the group’s sound. The first of Mashio’s releases from his upcoming solo project, “Complicated Melodies” is “Free Crack”, which is produced by Dahm.¬†According to Mashio, the project’s name comes

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AUDIO: Dana Coppafeel, SPEAK Easy, and Vincent VAN GREAT – “Cake (Remix)”

With Uni-Fi Records “VII Days” project, we’re confirming what we already know: Dana Coppafeel and SPEAK Easy have verses for days, and the Uni-Fi crew is very talented as a whole. “Cake (remix) is no exception. With the feature from Vincent VanGREAT contributing to the mix, you’re in for a treat. According to the label, this track was actually deconstructed

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AUDIO: Khalid – “Madness”

18 year old Chicago artist Khalid is determined to carve his name into the crazy world of Chicago hip hop. Often a daunting task, he does things just a little bit differently, as most standout artists do. With that said, his latest single, “Madness” blends the super-hard drill beats that have been popular with a unique flow. The most intriguing

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