Monthly Archives: March 2012

NatNaiel – “Pizza” (Mixtape)

I had to listen to this one. I love pizza. I had pizza tonight for dinner. Therefore, I felt obligated to listen to NatNaiel’s “Pizza” mixtape. Much like pizza, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 17 really diverse tracks from the New Jersey native, and it really impressed me. One minute, there’s this crazy dubstep beat with him rapping over it, and

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Supreme Sniper, Broadway Barrett, Robyn Spree, Real Roach, Street Sweepa, & Jae Brinks – “Ghetto Dreams”

Jae Brinks has been telling me about this crazy collaboration that he’s been working on in New York. What came of it was “Ghetto Dreams”, a collection of six rappers on one beat. Collaborations like this are a usually a competition to see who has the best verse, and this one is no exception. Check this out and write in

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We’re Trying To Make A Television Show About You, Milwaukee!

Here goes a rant. Enjoy: I’ve already briefly mentioned this before, but my friend Steve and I, AKA Breaking And Entering, are trying to make a television series about Milwaukee’s emerging music scene. We want to feature a lot of the people that get write-ups here on, as well as some who don’t, and some people that we haven’t

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