Monthly Archives: October 2011

Pizzle – “Snapback Music 2”

If you don’t know Pizzle by now, I strongly suggest that you download his “Fame In Vain” album for free. Do that. Like, now. You’ll be glad you did. In addition to that, you can hear his newest track, from his upcoming “Pelicular Mixtape 3”, due out in 2012. Try and keep up with “Snapback Music 2” right here:

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Cezar – “Bare Material”

There’s a ton of artists in Milwaukee who are constantly putting out new music. Be on the lookout for a ton of new projects within the next couple of weeks from some local artists. One of the most determined is Cezar, who sent over his newest track, “Bare Material”. Give it a listen: For more Cezar, check out his

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Klassik – “MoonRock”

If you’ve ever seen Klassik live, you’ve probably heard this song. You’ve also probably seen all of SAFS Crew go nuts as soon as it comes on, and for good reason. Klassik is incredibly talented, that’s for damn sure. Look out for big things from Klassik in the near future, but first, listen to “MoonRock” here and download it from

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