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Audiopad – Surface Technology for Music

This was created in 2003, but I’m just learning about it now. It is the Audiopad, made by Patten Studio, a company that works with surface technology. I’m sure they’re expensive, but if someone wants to buy me one, that would be cool. How Patten describes the Audiopad: “Audiopad is a composition and performance instrument for electronic music which tracks

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Terabyte Frenzy – Harry Potter & The Half-Dub Remix

I don’t read the Harry Potter books. I never have, and never will. I don’t watch the movies. Again, probably won’t get into them. One thing I do like, though, is the theme song. And this remix of it. Very cool. Check it out: Also, it sounds very cool on a carillon, say… at Marquette University…

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The Teeth – Eat.Sleep.Drink EP

The side project of members of A Farewell Rescue, The Teeth have unveiled their first EP, “Eat.Sleep.Drink”. Much like Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”, it’s available for whatever price you want to pay for it. I downloaded it for free. But it’s worth… more than free. Every track is heavy. Makes you want to go smash things. Preview this album, go download

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